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October saw the re-start of Swaines Green conservation work, we have a break between April and September allowing the flora and fauna a chance to look after itself.
Our first task is usually with the Epping Forest District Council conservation team, Countrycare, and their volunteers undertaking what amounts to a hay cut on Lovelocks field. After a number of years tackling the Blackthorn scrub, which at one point dominated the field, I am happy to report we are now well on the way to implementing the management plan drawn up for Lovelocks after the invertebrate survey of 2005. The one drawback we are facing is what to do with the arising’s after they have been cut. Ideally we would burn them but we have had several complaints about this process so we are currently trying to find an alternative method
In November we laid our first hedge in Swaines Green, an area of Blackthorn in Lower Lincoln was chosen as this would help regenerate this part of the field. The work was carried out by our volunteers and the hedge laying group run by Pete Vaughn and Pat McFarland. Hedge laying is a wonderful way of managing a hedgerow for wildlife and, from the compliments we have had from the public, it looks good to. Many thanks to Peter and Pat for not only suggesting the idea in the first place but for also providing all the tools and their expertise
 Other Work carried out over the winter was to remove scrub from Lovelocks, continuing clearing the scrub in Middle Lincolns and I can report this spring saw the return of Cowslip to this field after a number of years of absence. In Forties Field we again worked on widening the footpaths and during our last two tasks of the winter we created a glade at the top of Forties, this was a rich wildflower area not so long ago and by creating the glade we are hoping the wildflowers will return. We were again fortunate in having the Epping Forest Conservation volunteers working with us on a number of occasions over the winter.
 To all our volunteers a great big ‘thank you’ and hope to see you in October.
Anybody wishing to join us is more than welcome, we supply the tools, gloves and eye protection, please don’t wear your Sunday best, old clothes are best. We meet on the second Sunday of the month from October through to March.
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Conservation will begin again next October

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